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Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel Training

Looking for something new? Maybe you have an itch to fly vintage style aircraft. Perhaps you are just looking to enhance your stick and rudder skills a bit. There is no airplane pilot who doesn’t benefit from a little tailwheel training.

We offer tailwheel training in our 1946 7AC Champs. Flying as it once was. Simple, straight forward the Champ is an honest airplane a blast to fly and a very good trainer because it is docile enough for students to handle but not so docile it won’t let you know when you are not handling it correctly. Also, did I mention it was a blast to fly. Flying low and slow on a nice day in an old tail dragger is one of the real treats that aviation has to offer.

For most pilots, even a few hours will really improve control coordination and clean up their energy management skills. We do a lot of work with students who are already pilots and are referred to us by other instructors, former students and even DPEs.

Tailwheel endorsements have no minimum time and generally take 10-15 hours to complete. It requires no check ride, just an instructor endorsement. If you are starting as a primary student, this endorsement will be automatic as part of your training.