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Gyroplane Training

Gyroplane Training

Looking for a different kind of rush? Then gyroplane flying might be for you!

We can provide gyroplane training either as a stand alone certification or as an add on to existing pilot certificate at the Sport Pilot level of certification. We also have access to instructors to do proficiency checks for an add on rating or a gyro qualified DPE in the case of a stand alone certification.

We use an Autogyro Calidus for training in either case. If you own a gyroplane and wish to train in your own ship, that can be arranged. Contact us for information.

As an added category gyro training takes about as long as tailwheel training, typically 10 – 15 hours and requires a proficiency check from a second instructor who will sign off the paperwork for the FAA. No written is required, but a proficiency check is. The PC is basically like a check ride with a DPE and has both an oral and practical component.

Our goal is always to turn out safe, truly proficient pilots rather than applicants who can just squeak the practical test on their way to the next mishap. Please contact us directly to discuss your options and we can talk to you about an individualized training plan.

Taking gyroplane training as a primary rating is a more complicated process then adding it to a current pilot certificate. It requires full ground school as well as more extensive flying time. Final certification involves both a written test and a check ride with a DPE. We are in the fortunate situation of having a Gyro DPE that we work with directly making us a “one stop shop” so to speak. You will be able to test locally.

Contact Daniel: 847-691-3618 or email: