If your main interest is flying for fun during daylight hours or you have a medical condition that would make getting a medical certification difficult or impossible than Sport Pilot certification may be the perfect solution.

Light Sport certification allows you to fly from civil twilight in the morning until civil twilight in the evening (roughly 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset). The planes are smaller and lighter, their max cruise speed is capped at roughly 140 mph and you are limited to flying with one passenger in addition to the pilot.

The required training time is less and a motivated student can complete the training in about 50 hours which is roughly 25 less than for a private pilot. This represents a saving of anywhere between two and four-thousand dollars. If down the road you decide to move up to private pilot and beyond you can carry those training hours with you. You don’t start from scratch so Light Sport is often a good starting point for new pilots.

There is no medical required for becoming a Sport Pilot as long as you maintain a valid driver’s license.

Light Sport category aircraft tend to be less expensive to rent and operate. This allows you to continue to fly in a more cost effective manner.

We offer training in two classes of light sport aircraft: Fixed Wing Single Engine Land (what most people think of a a normal airplane) and Gyroplanes (a rotary winged aircraft)